Adidas is one of the best known and most experienced brands when it comes to football boots. Over the years world-class football players have chosen to put on Adidas football boots. To meet the demands and expectations of modern football, Adidas has always brought innovations and state-of-the-art technologies to the football boot models they have created. The consequence is different series and models of football boots from Adidas that offer the highest level of comfort when the football player is on the playing surface, the best control of the ball whether it is dry football fields or wet playing surfaces, but also the best grip.

Specialists from Adidas have implemented different technologies and concepts in each Adidas model football boots. Thus, ControlSkin technology is used to provide the best control of the football ball due to the materials from which the boots are made, Agility Mesh technology increases the agility of the football player who chooses to wear football boots from Adidas, Primeknit technology helps to increase the comfort of wearing these adidas football boots , while the 360° bandage technology that is implemented in certain series of football boots under the Adidas brand comes to provide an added comfort and safety at the ankles.

The main arguments recommending the different models and series of football boots from Adidas concern the very great comfort offered to each footballer who opts for these boots, the very good grip and balance on any playing surface regardless of the weather conditions due to the way the crampons are arranged, but also to the excellent contact with the football , whether we are talking about the defensive phase, the construction phase or the attack phase. Among the most famous series of football boots under the Adidas brand we can remember Adidas Predator, Adidas Copa, Adidas Messi, Adidas Tango, Adidas ACE, Adidas Nemeniz or Adidas X.